Delightful and Dangerous Liquids - with Mark Miodownik

  • Published: 17 July 2019
  • From life sustaining water and powerful kerosene, to intoxicating wine and weird liquids soap, liquids are all around us and share some rather interesting characteristics with each other.
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    A series of glasses of transparent liquids is in front of you: but which will quench your thirst and which will kill you? And why? Why does one make us drunk, and another power a jumbo jet? Structured around a plane journey, Mark Miodownik explores the liquids that can bring death and destruction as well as wonder and fascination.

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    Mark Miodownik is a materials engineer and Professor of Materials and Society at UCL where he teaches and runs a research group. He presented in the 2010 CHRISTMAS LECTURES.

    This talk and Q&A was filmed in the Ri on 18 January 2019.

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    Dave Ostler, David Lindo, David Schick, Erik Shepherd, Greg Nagel, Ivan Korolev, Joe Godenzi, Julia Stone, Kellas Lowery, Lasse T. Stendan, Lester Su, Osian Gwyn Williams, Paul Brown, Radu Tizu, Rebecca Pan, Robert Hillier, Roger Baker, and Will Knott.

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Comments • 216

  • Capt BlackEagle
    Capt BlackEagle  4 weeks back

    He is exactly the professor I fired. His degree was in computer science, but he wouldn't shut up about politics.

    • Mark Time
      Mark Time  2 months back

      Please explain the collapse of Building 7 without any kerosene...

      • Simply Human
        Simply Human  3 months back

        You are no Feinman

        • Ed Parachini
          Ed Parachini  3 months back

          Oil isn't because of dino, it's because of micro organisms and high pressure and heat. That's been known for years now. The reason they know that is only rarely are bones found in tar pits and those are always younger than the tar pit.

          • Cyrus Hale
            Cyrus Hale  3 months back

            May I interject for one second‽ in most cases the fuel is stored in the wings, and only a small amount is in the fuselage directly between the wings.

            • el duderino
              el duderino  3 weeks back

              Thanks, I stopped watching to check the comments for this and to see if everyone else thought this lecture was terrible.. :(

          • Dziaji
            Dziaji  3 months back

            Great lecture up until he made a fool of himself by regurgitating the official story of 9/11. The initial fireball consumed almost all the kerosine. The low temperature fires burned for a while, and were close to being extinguished, when the preplanted explosives were set off to destroy the building.

            The idea that some burning kerosine and office materials on a few floors was hit enough to weaken 100 floors of fireproofed steel to the point of collapse is absurd.

            • Chris Hewitt
              Chris Hewitt  3 months back

              Co-Op 1999 Vintage or price? LOL

              • TreeHairedGingerAle
                TreeHairedGingerAle  3 months back

                Microfibers are awful for the environment, though.

                • Seb Brosig
                  Seb Brosig  3 months back

                  7:22.. I took your advice and only took 100ml of Nitroglycerine in my hand luggage... They wouldn't let me on the flight anyway!

                  • phunkydroid
                    phunkydroid  3 months back

                    That seatbelt will keep you from bouncing off the ceiling in turbulence.

                    • Nikki M
                      Nikki M  3 months back

                      Lecture was a complete fucktastrophe...

                      • Dadson worldwide
                        Dadson worldwide  3 months back

                        no the bugs walking on water and the plants use is calle the lindeinfrost effect.
                        hes wrong about that.

                        • Sean Walton
                          Sean Walton  3 months back

                          I appreciate the difficulty of doing a lecture mixed with demonstrations, but this appeared not to be practiced. Still, it was interesting. Some advice for demos: if/when you have a very difficult but crucial demo, have an assistant ready to take the task. This will free you up to continue to speak while the audience watches the repeated attempts. A /critical/ demo is when you stop the lecture; otherwise, continue while referring to the assistant's progress.
                          However, when you used the forum for your disdain for religions, I shut you off. Irrelevant. Obnoxious. Unfunny.

                          • Marco B
                            Marco B  4 months back

                            Next time, give the man 3 hours to talk, interresting subjects, some not, but not like this.

                            • Jan Morris
                              Jan Morris  4 months back

                              Oh dear. What an awful lecture. It could have been so interesting. Rambling, not prepared and lecturer so nervous.

                              • Bradley Watson
                                Bradley Watson  4 months back

                                Way off topic but: Was that global oil production map made by a color blind person? Grey to aqua to blue to black were the spectrum of colors to denote the production levels of oil in the map. The map was mostly black! Awesome info graphic!!!

                                • utubewatcher806
                                  utubewatcher806  4 months back

                                  The safety briefing is a lot like a very bedazzling shirt--distracting.

                                  • Fry Pan
                                    Fry Pan  4 months back

                                    wow this would not even be ok for teens

                                    • Root Beer
                                      Root Beer  4 months back

                                      get a bic or a torch you amateur lol

                                      • OddSockGames
                                        OddSockGames  4 months back

                                        Fake news. The kerosene is stored in the wings not under my ass! This guys kinda awesome

                                        • jzero4813
                                          jzero4813  4 months back

                                          Most of the fuel in most passenger aircraft is actually in the wings and tail.

                                          • Joe Black
                                            Joe Black  4 months back

                                            Quite a philosophical fellow. The human condition really is a funny old thing.

                                            • Sali Mall
                                              Sali Mall  4 months back

                                              He is got something wrong there ... I am pretty sure that the wax of the candle is just there to slow the burning process...otherwise the wick would burn in couple of minutes.... if you have too much liquid wax ,it does extinguish the the wax is not a fuel...nor its vapour since you can burn the wick on its own... The kerosene lamp on the other hand is different... he seems to be talking about a kerosene lamp ... but demonstrating on a candle... weird...

                                              • Dirty Robot
                                                Dirty Robot  4 months back

                                                Liquid restriction is nothing to do with terrorism. It is to stop drug trafficking. Most high value drugs can be made into solution and reconstituted at the destination.

                                                • Alex Oja
                                                  Alex Oja  4 months back

                                                  Well, not trying to sound too critical but honestly this is a pale shadow of what A. Szydlo would cover in his lecture with his left hand.

                                                  • Math Easy Solutions
                                                    Math Easy Solutions  4 months back

                                                    Ahhh the 9/11 disinformation wrecks what otherwise was a decent video. "Kerosene" doesn't cause conventional "planes" to glide through steel girders like butter and certainly not turn 7 towers into dust in midair leaving very little rubble or seismic impact.

                                                  • KLAbe
                                                    KLAbe  4 months back

                                                    According to this lecture, only three hundred people worldwide are using kerosene lamps today. 35:56

                                                    • MrKotBonifacy
                                                      MrKotBonifacy  4 months back

                                                      Seems like this guy couldn't reaaly made up his mind on "what is going to be the subject of my lecture" - or maybe there were TWO bottles of wine shortly before commencement of that presentation, but only one made it to the end of it...
                                                      And I used to think Andrew Szydlo is the most chaotic lecturer on RI channel... Well, one learns throughout his entire life...

                                                      • Joe Brinson
                                                        Joe Brinson  4 months back

                                                        Worse RI presentation. Rambling opinions, failed experiments/demonstrations.

                                                        • Dominik Pfleghaar
                                                          Dominik Pfleghaar  4 months back

                                                          I usually dig everything from the RI, but this lecture was just a waste of time in my opinion.
                                                          Going out on too many tangents, this talk has more loose ends than a pot of spaghetti.

                                                          • Mark DiSanzo
                                                            Mark DiSanzo  4 months back

                                                            One, this seemed to have very little to do with liquids. Two, I gave up when he couldn't get the pin to float. Not prepared for his own experiments. WTF with a handheld candle cam? You didn't know you were going to need a camera mount? Those poor folks in the audience gave up a Friday evening for this?

                                                            • Vicki Ross Tudor
                                                              Vicki Ross Tudor  4 months back

                                                              He completely botched this entire presentation at 13:09. It was riddled with mistakes, poorly worded explanations, awkward pauses and nervous laughter The level of his ability to state his findings in a clear and coherent way was akin to a 6th grader presenting a science fair project. Which is an insult to 6th graders. And might I add, he claims you can't smell a candle while its burning, you can only smell it once the wick is put out. This is grossly incorrect. That theory may be somewhat true for candlesticks for candelabras, but this statement is completely misleading and does not apply to all candles. It's like he forgot scented candles exist. which sole purpose is to emit a fragrance while burning.

                                                              And it's also probably not a good idea to incorporate horrific images of destruction of the twin towers. Unless you're presenting a lecture on 9/11, this is territory you don't want to wander into. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if people started to get up and leave at that point.

                                                              • Lane Eardink
                                                                Lane Eardink  4 months back

                                                                I believe aircraft store fuel in the wings and not under the seats.

                                                                • Dinliana Pachuau
                                                                  Dinliana Pachuau  4 months back

                                                                  its stored both in the fuselage and in the wings,ofc its more complicated than that but thats the essence of it.

                                                              • Laezar
                                                                Laezar  4 months back

                                                                So why am I watching a one man show about airplane security?

                                                                • Zach Whitaker
                                                                  Zach Whitaker  4 months back

                                                         the point finally

                                                                  • Zach Whitaker
                                                                    Zach Whitaker  4 months back

                                                                    RI this needs some polishing it also should not be called "liquids..." it should be "this particular liquid"

                                                                    • caramba10
                                                                      caramba10  4 months back

                                                                      The worst lecture I think I've seen, did he just turn up and try to wing it? obviously not rehearsed, from the "can't read this, should have bought my printed notes", to embarrassing demo to extinguish a flame while holding camera on subject and in focus fail.

                                                                      • Patrick Higgins
                                                                        Patrick Higgins  4 months back

                                                                        what ridiculous fear mongering-terrible ... I love this series-check out Irving Finkel on ancient Sumerian I'm turning this off...

                                                                        • Stuart Joynson
                                                                          Stuart Joynson  4 months back

                                                                          Kerosene is still used by 300 people worldwide for their indoor lighting?

                                                                          • Calum Spencer
                                                                            Calum Spencer  4 months back

                                                                            TNT isn't made of nitroglycerin

                                                                            • jhcfight
                                                                              jhcfight  4 months back

                                                                              LOL, underneath your seat is a 100,000 litres of querosene. That was my que. Professor?

                                                                              • tres lineas
                                                                                tres lineas  4 months back

                                                                                This video should be called Querosene. Because he talks only about querosene. By the title you may think he will talk about various liquids and fluid mechanics, but he will talk about querosene, the history of querosene, the distillation of oil and the combustion of querosene.

                                                                                • Chris Bard
                                                                                  Chris Bard  4 months back

                                                                                  I am 7.43 in and he keeps rambling about airplanes in a funny way... I don't want to be blunt about it.

                                                                                  • Erg Gml
                                                                                    Erg Gml  4 months back

                                                                                    With respect to the brilliant presenter, most of the fuel aircraft carry is in the wings. Some is carried in central tanks and other large aircraft store it elsewhere too. Most of the fuselage tube is given over to other things.

                                                                                  • Pendulous Testicularis
                                                                                    Pendulous Testicularis  4 months back

                                                                                    Vodka is a delightful and dangerous liquid.

                                                                                    • Fredrick Nietzsche
                                                                                      Fredrick Nietzsche  4 months back

                                                                                      they do sell kerosene at pumps the place is called air ports.

                                                                                      • caleb wood
                                                                                        caleb wood  4 months back

                                                                                        So much misinformation
                                                                                        did he even do research

                                                                                      • Truth Seeker
                                                                                        Truth Seeker  4 months back

                                                                                        I was trying to listen until he got to twin towers and 9/11. So part of a building blows up with jet fuel and the whole building comes down in free fall? Physics day off must have been that day and this talk is supposed to be science? Maybe in a nursery for 4-year-olds...