Which Car Battery is Best? Let's find out!


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  • michael jeffries
    michael jeffries  7 minutes back


    • Michael Stamper
      Michael Stamper  10 minutes back

      You should test how well the batteries recover after being allowed to completely discharge and stay as such for several weaks. I am not sure how much static drain there is on my car but it completely drained the battery in 2-3 months of disuse.

      • ratzikratzi
        ratzikratzi  17 minutes back

        In honor of the new IMO regulations I would love to see a lawnmower run on 380cst or any other kind of marine fuel that looks like room temp honey.
        I know, it sounds impossible. But you always come up with the craziest stuff. So I'm sure you could figure out a way to make it work.

        • mjktrash
          mjktrash  29 minutes back

          I like your videos, however this one is lacking a certain apples to apples comparison. I also found the cuts/edits to be a bit "quick and harsh", almost to the point of you sounding out of breath.

          • Ramon Urena
            Ramon Urena  33 minutes back

            Man o man, you’re just owesome keep it going. Suggestion, which is best semi truck to buy?.

            • grassroot011
              grassroot011  36 minutes back

              Had an Interstate that lasted eight years in out Nissan Maxima. then others, not so well.

              • Tyler Welty
                Tyler Welty  36 minutes back

                No slip shoe comparison. How they fair on oil, water, ice, dust (sugar/flour. Common kitchen powders). Resistance to fluid permeation. Weight differences.

                Comfort couldn't be considered because each foot is different. But overall "comfort" features could be discussed.

                A few brands to consider:
                Walmart brand
                Dr. Scholls

                • BundysGarage
                  BundysGarage  40 minutes back

                  Very well done! Did you pay for all those batteries or were any of them supplied to you by the manufacturer?

                  • Brian Beck
                    Brian Beck  44 minutes back

                    Would love to see what is the best golf cart battery

                    • ZeroFu*ksGiven
                      ZeroFu*ksGiven  52 minutes back

                      Disappointed you did Optima but not Odyssey battery. You should have done a lead-acid video, an AGM video, then a Lithium-ion video comparison.

                      • Chris Arnold
                        Chris Arnold  55 minutes back

                        Northstar is the best battery out there. I didn't expect to see it included because they make you pay, but I've been totally sold on them. They're in both of my race cars. Odyssey is a close 2nd. I've found Optimas are garbage, especially after being drained more than once. They just never fully recover. Will never buy another. Best bang for the buck is the Walmart Ever Start Maxx, which I put 2 of in my Diesel Truck and they've held up great for a few years so far. (haven't watched video, yet)

                        • John Smith
                          John Smith  1 hours back

                          How about testing carb cleaners? Brake clean should we buy name brand or private label store brand

                          • Honourable Member
                            Honourable Member  1 hours back

                            Do you ever sleep ?

                            • David Brown
                              David Brown  1 hours back

                              I remember being told a long time ago (im sure its a myth) that sitting a car battery on the concrete floor of the garage hasten's discharge? Any truth to that?

                              • Joe Albert
                                Joe Albert  1 hours back

                                A couple of things I would like to see on your test would be the weight of each battery and an actual load test instead of just an internal resistance tester. Use a carbon pile and load each battery to 1/2 the CCA and see what happens to the voltage. Also looking at voltage after a charge can be misleading. Batteries tend to get a "surface charge". You should put a mild load on them for 30 seconds then let the voltage stabilize to see what it actually is.

                                • YHRIM
                                  YHRIM  2 hours back

                                  **I Found a Great Source for Good Cheap Batteries **
                                  I used to work in automotive parts sales, and hated the fact that it seemed like most batteries was made by "johnson controls", yet were all different prices... Interstate used to actually be a really good battery, but the last several sets I purchased back about 7 years ago were just as much junk as others, just much more expensive at that time.
                                  With that said, in the last year or so I started buying what they call "rebuilt" batteries from my local farm supply. Basically when farmers who run the HUGE tractors (harvesters, etc) replace their batteries in that equipment, which uses 4, 6, 8, or even more batteries wired in series which they replace all at the same time. Often only one or two of the batteries are actually bad. The rest are fine. But they usually just replace them all.
                                  The company who takes them back as cores checks them all, tests them, charges them and etc. And then sells the good batteries that test out as "rebuilt", and after talking with a guy at my local farm supply who told me about them, I started buying them from there for **$40 Each **WITH** a 1 Year Warranty!! Its a win-win. If it lasts over year, you got your $40 out of it, if it doesn't last a year I can take it back and get another one. However so far I have not had one fail at all. They guy at the farm supply said that most of his customers had told him they were getting at least 2 years out of them. So for $20 a year, you can't beat it!
                                  So now I have started putting them into everything I can fit them into, even if I have to modify it a bit. I got two in my Diesel truck which fit perfectly, Starts even Better Now than it did when I put in TWO Interstate batteries at a cost of $300+, as these have more CCA than the interstate did when they were new. I put one in my generator, one in my tractor, heck I might put one in my lawn mower :-) especially since lawn mower batteries are about as high (paid $45 for the last one i purchased) and they just don't seem to last anymore, even though I bring them inside my shop in the winter and charge them every so often.

                                  In any case, you just can't beat these "rebuilt" tractor batteries for $40, I think they are rated for 850 to 900 CCA, but they usually have 900+ CCA. Because they are used, this will vary a bit from battery to battery, but the guys at my farm supply store test a few for me to "find a really good one" :-) So you might check around at your local farm supply stores, see if they sell these "rebuilt" tractor batteries.

                                  • Paul Jenkins
                                    Paul Jenkins  2 hours back

                                    Holiday season is upon us, what is the best packing tape, packing materials and cardboard boxes to use ?

                                    • CanadianEH! BigNorth
                                      CanadianEH! BigNorth  2 hours back

                                      Walmart is the best place for car batteries if for nothing else, the easy return policy. Return it for a new one before the 3 year warranty runs out; no questions asked.

                                      • mikkei
                                        mikkei  2 hours back

                                        Only 16v voltage can make acid 1.28g - this is 100% lead battery chared. PS try Russian KULON 912 - wifi-charger - cost only 120$

                                        • c. acabo
                                          c. acabo  2 hours back

                                          How about the AC-delco

                                          • Jens Eskildsen
                                            Jens Eskildsen  2 hours back

                                            Just about any battery perform just fine when new. Its after 3-5 years you see the difference between a good and a bad one.

                                            • Zakk Skiles
                                              Zakk Skiles  2 hours back

                                              Wow and I used to call ever start never start
                                              Great video 👍

                                              • IronGiant7
                                                IronGiant7  2 hours back

                                                That's crazy, I've never had a good experience with a Walmart battery. They always seem to give up the ghost when it starts getting cold.
                                                I had a Deka (East Penn) in an old carbureted Ford pickup and that thing was invincible so I have been buying exclusively East Penn for years now.

                                                • Gawd Zinner
                                                  Gawd Zinner  3 hours back

                                                  it would be interesting if you could use each battery for 12 months and re-test. I've had to replace my Everstart once a year because it's not holding a charge after 12 months.

                                                  • greg martin
                                                    greg martin  3 hours back

                                                    Great video sir

                                                    • BlueWiszard
                                                      BlueWiszard  3 hours back

                                                      What about Champion and Bosch batteries? I believe both offer a 27 in AGM as well.

                                                      • Jrod Alvord
                                                        Jrod Alvord  3 hours back

                                                        One thing you didnt mention was the length of warranty on each. I find that pretty relative to price.

                                                        • worddunlap
                                                          worddunlap  3 hours back

                                                          Walmart Neverstart seems to be a crap-shoot. I've had them that lasted for years but several that made it a week out of the warranty and failed.

                                                          • tspike
                                                            tspike  4 hours back

                                                            You must of had to pee really bad because you raced through this like a speed reading contest.

                                                            • AlEx crUtchfield
                                                              AlEx crUtchfield  4 hours back

                                                              Do you have a video about different Carburetor Cleaners?? I would love to see that!

                                                              • Jrod Alvord
                                                                Jrod Alvord  4 hours back

                                                                Would've liked to see all the batteries tested to be the same group number. Otherwise very good test

                                                                • George Wiens
                                                                  George Wiens  4 hours back

                                                                  I wish I could of seen an interstate battery on your table. All my friends brag about them. But my experience hasn't been as good with them

                                                                  • Pete Loomis
                                                                    Pete Loomis  4 hours back

                                                                    I have a 20 year old optima that's still working that I have cranking over a 600 HP Chrysler 440 wedge in my 71 Dodge truck & have never had any other brand battery last nearly that long even the old Sears Diehard that used to be pretty good . Seems most batteries are over priced now & just don't last like they used to just like cars & trucks today lol .

                                                                    • John Beckman
                                                                      John Beckman  4 hours back

                                                                      Thank you.

                                                                      • jtaylor6661
                                                                        jtaylor6661  4 hours back

                                                                        Great video. Very informative

                                                                        • augoldfinger
                                                                          augoldfinger  4 hours back

                                                                          I whish I could have seen Ford batteries in the list.
                                                                          While the Wmart preformed the best, I have never had one last 3 years. I have owned Ford, O'Reilly and Interstate Batteries. They by far have lasted me the longest. I had an O'Reilly last me almost 8 years and at Ford lasted almost 7. For me that is a more efficient way of spending money.
                                                                          I do however do not mean to nitpick and I appreciate your videos very much

                                                                          • zwz • zdenek
                                                                            zwz • zdenek  4 hours back

                                                                            Were they bought filled, or did you do it yourself? That's the number one difference in battery longevity. Once the acid is in, the battery starts aging.
                                                                            Since there was probably no dry battery option, did you get roughly the same manufacturing date for all the samples?

                                                                            • Chris's small engines
                                                                              Chris's small engines  5 hours back

                                                                              I do not know who makes them . but AC Delco has a good warranty . They are expensive , I have had good luck with these battery's up here in Canada .

                                                                              • Richy Pederson
                                                                                Richy Pederson  5 hours back

                                                                                Love it. I use an optima yellow top because I run a large stereo and I live in Minnesota. Had great luck with it, but its cool to know a Walmart battery is good enough for most situations.

                                                                                • Billy Jack
                                                                                  Billy Jack  5 hours back

                                                                                  I think the biggest problem is the cables from the factory tend to get overlooked. I replaced a ground cable on my toyota all the way to the block and i bet that thing cranks over twice as fast now. It has to be charging better as well.

                                                                                  • Jack LaBloom
                                                                                    Jack LaBloom  5 hours back

                                                                                    Really glad I bought the Everstart battery in November to replace the original battery in my wife's 2014 Lexus. I debated between Duralast and Everstart. Decided to save a $40 dollars and went with the Everstart.

                                                                                    • jeepmor
                                                                                      jeepmor  5 hours back

                                                                                      Should have watched this before I bought new batteries for my diesel pickup. I ended up with two AGMs and it doesn't freeze too awful much in my location, so I should be good.

                                                                                      • M M
                                                                                        M M  5 hours back

                                                                                        Great video! Ive got a few things with testing I would have done little different but I have a feeling this isnt the last we will see of these batteries! I wanna see one smoke! :)

                                                                                        • Robert Fine
                                                                                          Robert Fine  5 hours back

                                                                                          Have u done spark Plugs yet iridium?

                                                                                          • Tomyp89
                                                                                            Tomyp89  5 hours back

                                                                                            Johnson controls also makes Varta which are premium batteries.

                                                                                            • Lost in Iowa
                                                                                              Lost in Iowa  5 hours back

                                                                                              Got my interstate battery from costco only $79. What most people dont know is there is only like 3 battery manufacturers. Everything is basically the same but re-branded.

                                                                                              • Tim Michaels
                                                                                                Tim Michaels  5 hours back

                                                                                                Good Review, but the sad thing is half the Walmart batteries are made by DEKA (East Penn) and the other by JCI. That would be a true test of JCI vs East Penn is the same version of battery was tested.

                                                                                                • Tyler Johnson
                                                                                                  Tyler Johnson  6 hours back

                                                                                                  Test the AGM Odyssey battery 34/78PC1500DT that’s what I’m running in my 2005 Chevy impala SS there supposed to be the best AGM batteries on the market