Twitch Mods Have Created a Platform of Fear and Toxicity

  • Published: 30 November 2019
  • This is the greatest moderating of All Time
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  • hanshalol
    hanshalol  14 minutes back

    are you slowly transitioning into jesus

    • Daniel Gosse
      Daniel Gosse  38 minutes back

      Time to go get some streamers banned epic libtard troll gamer style.

      • anon
        anon  3 hours back

        what's absurd to me is that streamers and viewers still go to their site even when they know about the lack of communication and bias the mods have against them, it's the equivalent of an abusive relationship that you swear will work out in the end. if someone made their career on Twitch then they can easily go to another site like dlive or mixer

        • Lol Wut
          Lol Wut  3 hours back

          Oh Zironic got banned?? He’s such a nice guy he periodically talks about new seige content at invitational during the official live stream. Kinda sad they banned him

          • Lol Wut
            Lol Wut  3 hours back

            *Twitch mods ban twitches Twitch channel*

            • Benersan the Bread
              Benersan the Bread  7 hours back

              Alinity deserves the hate though. Remember how she abused the copyright system of Youtube to make money? Remember how she copyright struck Pewdiepie because she didn't like what he said? Remember when she spat vodka in her cat's mouth?
              Ban Alinity.

              • Booby Wit Dat Tool
                Booby Wit Dat Tool  8 hours back

                It's Keanu Reeves' brother that just learned bad words

                • Nino Latimer
                  Nino Latimer  8 hours back

                  Yo twitch mods be white knights tho, on some all ladies are queens shit😂 *tips fedora

                  • Nino Latimer
                    Nino Latimer  8 hours back

                    Meanwhile, discord mods be like yummy children

                    • Zamininc
                      Zamininc  8 hours back

                      Maybe don't ban for words?

                      • morgan megurine
                        morgan megurine  9 hours back

                        Seems like it would be pretty easy to track them down, possibly by methods of questionable legality
                        (This is speaking hypothetically of course)

                        • Vercingetorix
                          Vercingetorix  10 hours back

                          STFU DAVE

                          • HanCholo
                            HanCholo  12 hours back

                            whats wrong with your mustache?

                            • Kool Tactic
                              Kool Tactic  12 hours back

                              Sharpen the pitchforks Bois

                              • TheSmongo
                                TheSmongo  13 hours back

                                Happened to say the N-word yesterday on a friends stream... i was drunk and made a joke. didnt even think about it. Feel like a jackass today tho, but come on! its insane, that you cant have a edgy joke because of.. feelings. -_-

                                • Zoren Killfang
                                  Zoren Killfang  14 hours back

                                  I hate how the "N" word which is a mispronunciation of the Spanish translation for the color Black(Google it) hundreds of years later is still being used as a racial word, and yet Mexican is not considered racist -_-

                                  • Doc Hammer
                                    Doc Hammer  15 hours back

                                    My dog gets worried when I cus out loud.

                                    • Doc Hammer
                                      Doc Hammer  15 hours back

                                      Twich mods are almost as bad as Gmod Moderators.

                                      • tasniv chowdhury
                                        tasniv chowdhury  15 hours back

                                        Why does he look like depressed Dave Ghrol ?

                                        • Dun diddly doo doo
                                          Dun diddly doo doo  15 hours back

                                          Twitch mods sound about as reliable as Warframes guides of the lotus

                                          • MasterOfNothing
                                            MasterOfNothing  16 hours back

                                            Twitch mods watched one too many episodes of death notes

                                            • Bacon Mack
                                              Bacon Mack  16 hours back

                                              If you get upset by a word or fell the need to explain to someone they do not have to use a word that shows you have allowed yourself to be manipulated and your emotional state shifted by the individual who said the word. People do not realise that words do not change ones position or place within a society. It is the peoples perception of the words in relation to their understanding of reality, how they view the world. If you understand the understanding of what a word is you have no reason to see an offensive stance in any statement made. You see the clear image, judgment unclouded. That is enlightenment.

                                              • Unrealisticallysarcasticavacado ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

                                                You look like that girl with helmet hair that beats people up on amazing world of gumball

                                                • mikeyp8044
                                                  mikeyp8044  17 hours back

                                                  i'm fed up with twitch streamers, they go into a free roaming trash talk place. and go "hi guys" and hear real online trash talk. DUDE NOT COOL IM STREAMING! like i don't give a shit dude, you go online you're gonna hear fucked up shit.

                                                  • Hazamarth
                                                    Hazamarth  18 hours back

                                                    You look paranoid and unwashed

                                                    • beccabear098
                                                      beccabear098  18 hours back

                                                      Cut ur fuckin hair u lion

                                                      • Loki Doki
                                                        Loki Doki  18 hours back

                                                        Time to move to mixer boys

                                                        • redking36
                                                          redking36  19 hours back

                                                          Oi, Smokey. Nigurandayoooooo!

                                                          Jojo got locked up in Twitch prison for life and failed to save the world from Kars.

                                                          • 匚尺ㄚㄖ卄
                                                            匚尺ㄚㄖ卄  19 hours back

                                                            people PLZ Just Go to MIXER

                                                            • Tab
                                                              Tab  19 hours back

                                                              It's not about racism, it's about pleasing advertisers to get their dirty money. Real racists can continue without saying or , racism isn't saying a taboo word - racism is smarter than that. We need to be even smarter about it.

                                                              • Iu Iulitza
                                                                Iu Iulitza  19 hours back

                                                                Twitch is not the only streaming platform on the Internet. Imagine Twitch as a prison with open doors. You can leave anytime you want. Also ... Kneeger

                                                                • Banhammer72
                                                                  Banhammer72  19 hours back

                                                                  Or, they did say the particular words and tried to excuse themselves. Because we all know who upstanding and trust worthy all Twitch streamers are!

                                                                  • JustFunkinDandy
                                                                    JustFunkinDandy  19 hours back

                                                                    Making N-word legal would solve this, hmm?

                                                                    • David D
                                                                      David D  20 hours back

                                                                      You can thank the jews for this Charlie.

                                                                      • HashSlingingSlasher
                                                                        HashSlingingSlasher  20 hours back

                                                                        1:40 couldnt you sue for that? Isnt that slander?

                                                                        • yogurtovsky
                                                                          yogurtovsky  23 hours back

                                                                          twitch mod/admins are just a bunch of fucking beta orbiting powertrippers, nothing new here

                                                                          • Mac 78
                                                                            Mac 78  23 hours back

                                                                            The twitch mod team are all misogynistic incels

                                                                            • Luis San
                                                                              Luis San  23 hours back

                                                                              Fuking twitch Nayger mods.

                                                                              • Hansy
                                                                                Hansy  1 days back

                                                                                But, both Amouranth and Alinity actually said the "N-word" and nothing happened.

                                                                                • Gavac227
                                                                                  Gavac227  1 days back

                                                                                  Honestly. If I wanna say the N-Word then I should be able to. If people get offended then they don't have to watch me.

                                                                                  • Kree8ingMusic2
                                                                                    Kree8ingMusic2  1 days back

                                                                                    Twitch has become a shithole, i fuckin hate twitch

                                                                                    • Mark Menšikov
                                                                                      Mark Menšikov  1 days back

                                                                                      What most people dont know is that if twitch mods dont ban somebody who violated the rules of twitch they get their salary cut 75% for entire month

                                                                                      Combine it with absolutely idiotic rules, neckbeards as mods and tolerance towards hoes like Alinity. Twitch is a garbage and Youtube soon will become the same shithole.

                                                                                      • talkpls
                                                                                        talkpls  23 hours back

                                                                                        Susan can stop it from becoming a shithole, but it's likely google bending her arm and slapping her ass cheeks

                                                                                    • Clayton Walker
                                                                                      Clayton Walker  1 days back

                                                                                      You make great videos but is there anyway you could cut your hair

                                                                                      • gnova7
                                                                                        gnova7  1 days back

                                                                                        <3 tekking101 was lifetime banned for i think watching a movie on it like 7 years ago, when he was even big at all. it is total bullshit. also the korean word for I or me sound almost exactly like the n word, so if anyone was sing any kpop song parts of it will sound like the n word

                                                                                        • Iron clad lad
                                                                                          Iron clad lad  1 days back

                                                                                          You already are quite the character. A character of a strange, powerful energy. An energy of being so down to Earth, it's at the core.

                                                                                          • Alita Alita
                                                                                            Alita Alita  1 days back


                                                                                            • Sam Benton
                                                                                              Sam Benton  1 days back

                                                                                              is that John Lennon

                                                                                              • algol291
                                                                                                algol291  1 days back

                                                                                                well, honestly, streaming sounds like dealing with bosses/supervisors at any job. They are there to make your time at work more miserable, regardless of how well you do your job.