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  • The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    Will Freddie Kitchens still be the Browns' head coach at the end of this season?

  • Thomas Kelly
    Thomas Kelly  3 hours back

    As a Patriots fan I have to disagree with that.....while wr is indeed a problem the bigget problem is the running game. Last season the running game was dominant, at times this year it has been virtually nonexistent.

    • Cole Sandick
      Cole Sandick  6 hours back

      This wide reciever thing is such nitpicky, embarrassing, nonsense. They're the most overrated position in the game and will never be anything more than icing on the cake.

      • Paul Sweet
        Paul Sweet  12 hours back

        Collin they do a lot wrong they don't.draft well on offense period they do a decent here and there most everybody they have is someone else's draft pick

        • Jacob Gonzalez
          Jacob Gonzalez  13 hours back

          Lets remember this is Cleveland we’re talking about I wouldn’t be surprised if kitchens is the coach for at least 1 more year

          • Ryan Estano
            Ryan Estano  15 hours back

            His daughter is a smoke

            • cjb cjb
              cjb cjb  15 hours back

              I think they fire kitchens if they get blown out but if they're competitive don't be surprised if they keep him around for another few days before the season ends.

              • James C
                James C  1 days back

                Where are all the patriots’ bandwagon fans gonna go next year if brady retires?!

                • Kevin Dondrea
                  Kevin Dondrea  2 days back

                  Pittsburgh did start it and then chased Myles Garret. If this was on the street, Rudolph would be in court for assault, not Myles Garret would be cleared of all charges for Self Defense. There is a lot of proof of how many players the Steelers have put in the hospital.

                  • The Truth
                    The Truth  2 days back

                    Kichtens got to go bring Jim Tressel

                    • Mikey Muse
                      Mikey Muse  2 days back

                      2:20 sounded like Chris Delia

                      • ubon11
                        ubon11  2 days back

                        I wonder if they should’ve just left it alone and named Gregg Williams the permanent guy and then retained Freddie as the OC.

                        • Zack lundy
                          Zack lundy  3 days back

                          You disrespect Edelman way too much he’s a great player by himself

                          • KillingWithaSmile613
                            KillingWithaSmile613  3 days back

                            bodied kitchens. wow

                            • tommy2chips
                              tommy2chips  3 days back

                              I am liking Colin Cowherd more and more. This man has wisdom.

                              • bigdog1002
                                bigdog1002  3 days back

                                And their defense isn't quite as good as it's made out to be... don't get me wrong, they're good but not dominant. The Browns ran up and down the field with Chubb.. he just couldn't hold the ball. A good offensive team will be able to score on the Pats in the playoffs.

                                • Brian Brown
                                  Brian Brown  3 days back

                                  Colin doesn’t watch games he just reads box scores and analytics

                                  • Randy Talltree
                                    Randy Talltree  3 days back

                                    Brownies should've looked at Mike MCcarthy...I thought that was a shoe-in back in March.

                                    • Shane Cadden
                                      Shane Cadden  3 days back

                                      Brady can absolutely play and those people talking about a cliff are not watching the games. Is he 2007 Brady, nope. Is he end of the road Peyton Manning, nope. He's 42 and still the best playmaker on the team with Edleman and White. they've had oline issues, WR issues, and as mentioned for no plan for Gronk. So same ole same ole in NE, they leave Brady exposed to work with people who are not the most talented and uplift them rather than maximize what they have left on the closk with Brady and a solid D.

                                      • Shane Cadden
                                        Shane Cadden  3 days back

                                        Inexcusable for the smartest people in football in New England to have zero plan for Gronk on both receiving and blocking. This has been noticeable for 12 weeks.

                                        • JAMES CONNOR
                                          JAMES CONNOR  3 days back

                                          Point about QB/WR combinations cover for inadequacies resonates very well in Oakland right now.

                                          No WIDEOUTS expose team weaknesses.

                                          • executive4
                                            executive4  3 days back

                                            Colin, I believe Dorsey already told Freddie Basement he's not coming back. If you look at his coaching and behavior, he's going out his way. What people are missing is that the players have already quit on Freddie a long time ago. It originally started when Chubb was a few yards short of 1000 yards for his 1st season, and Freddie never put him back in. That was the start. 2nd was the way he treated WR Higgins, who helped the Browns tremendously. For some unknown reason, just wouldn't play him. Then the MUTINY started. They were supposed to be a team, but he wasn't doing things in a collective team approach. Now insert stupid penalties and weird injuries and etc. NOW YOU KNOW THE REST OF THE STORY!

                                            • Benny Blanco
                                              Benny Blanco  3 days back

                                              Remember when Colin hated Mike Tomlin? 🤔

                                              • 37Dionysos
                                                37Dionysos  3 days back

                                                Patriots sold away a perfect killing machine to get an outside threat they hardly needed---neglecting the fundamental offensive line, which is now why their whole offense is jammed up. OldPatsFan still believes!

                                                • Brandon McBride
                                                  Brandon McBride  3 days back

                                                  Cowherd hates Houston so much.... any sport, if it's from Houston Cowherd's going to be shitting on them.

                                                  • Gerald Hooper
                                                    Gerald Hooper  3 days back

                                                    Agreed. OL looks better. Pats look good, overall. Yes, WR or TE is sorely needed. Lots of NFL teams have improved, a lot. SO MANY WRITERS ARE WRONG ABOUT PATS. Prolly no
                                                    SB, but TB and BB will emerge as Champs again, in due time.

                                                    • Duzzit Matter
                                                      Duzzit Matter  3 days back

                                                      I am effing sick and tired of hearing about Pittsburgh being such a great organization. They sucked monkey balls for decades until the 70's. Sucked again in the 80's. Then a decent turnaround in the 90's - off and on until Tomlin comes in. They did well. Especially when James Harrison and that defense was allowed to brutalize my Browns and give them concussions galore for years. But when Cleveland gets some talent this year; the League has evolves to play touch defense. It's hard to take the game seriously anymore. If Freddie gets fired after one season...I am done watching the NFL for good. Colin talks so much about optics gives a damn about that after Pittsburgh's bullshitting with Leveon Bell and dramaqueen extraordinaire Antonio Brown. Won't even bring up Ben Roethlisburger's shenanigans. Changing the culture isn't an easy task. I'd be a little more sympathetic after what Hue Jackson put that team through.

                                                      • Alexandre Jouan
                                                        Alexandre Jouan  3 days back

                                                        If soccer was about stars Argentina and Portugal would have World Cup wins...

                                                        Don’t under estimate the importance of structure

                                                        • Louis Caillau
                                                          Louis Caillau  4 days back

                                                          Patriots made all their stats in the garbage time so no they did not played better on offense than the texans

                                                          • joshuaIS
                                                            joshuaIS  4 days back

                                                            Sanu was QB as well lol

                                                            • Peter Karel Kraus
                                                              Peter Karel Kraus  4 days back

                                                              OL is a problem also. If Thomas and Gordon were still there and never getting hypnotized by the shiny crazy object, Brady would be a lot less flustered. Letting Gordon go was stupid. Giving up a 2nd rounder for Sanu was stupid.

                                                              • KomodoDojo
                                                                KomodoDojo  4 days back

                                                                WR is overrated. In my lifetime The Patriots without great WR beat the following Great WRs in the SB:
                                                                Tory Holt
                                                                Isaac Bruce
                                                                Steve Smith Sr.
                                                                Terrell Owens
                                                                Doug Baldwin
                                                                Julio Jones
                                                                Robert Woods
                                                                Brandon Cooks

                                                                • Kill Your Masters
                                                                  Kill Your Masters  4 days back

                                                                  Freebies over the top? Lmao Brady under throwing passes too

                                                                  • KomodoDojo
                                                                    KomodoDojo  4 days back

                                                                    Freddie Kitchens is to Coaches as Donald Trump is to presidents.

                                                                    John Dorsey is to GMs as The American Public is to Voting

                                                                    • WhiteNegative
                                                                      WhiteNegative  4 days back

                                                                      Except there is no way the NFL lets Brown play. So theyd just be spending money on nothing.

                                                                      • Brendon
                                                                        Brendon  4 days back

                                                                        3:15 You know what New England does do well tho, Colin? Adapting. New England is the best in the league at adapting, they’ll adapt and learn how to scout and draft receivers well when it becomes dire. It’s becoming dire so if they sign ab he’ll bring them to win the Super Bowl then they’ll start drafting better at receivers because now Brady needs the help before the receivers needed Brady but now Brady needs the receivers because of his age. He isn’t declining, just he isn’t able to make anyone look like a super star anymore

                                                                        • Monette Midy
                                                                          Monette Midy  4 days back

                                                                          Thank you. Finally someone says BB sucks at drafting WRs.

                                                                          • Jen Lopez
                                                                            Jen Lopez  4 days back

                                                                            Ravens - more TEs and an RB. Snead really, good enough? Dont think so

                                                                            • Bryce ToooNice
                                                                              Bryce ToooNice  4 days back

                                                                              He really said patriots dominated that game....

                                                                              • Ryan Estano
                                                                                Ryan Estano  15 hours back

                                                                                Well he read the box score those 3 stats would make you think the pats won

                                                                            • kevo grahm
                                                                              kevo grahm  4 days back

                                                                              For Colin and his ability to flip flop on a topic, he'll take any ship in the storm.

                                                                              • Appalachia Fishing Club

                                                                                7:09 now we know what happened to Mario Batali.

                                                                                • ChoppaCal
                                                                                  ChoppaCal  4 days back

                                                                                  They should've kept Antonio Brown and Josh Gordon.

                                                                                  • John Adams
                                                                                    John Adams  4 days back

                                                                                    A word about Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin. For years, Steelers fans have been ripping on Tomlin. After Pittsburgh was able to come back against the Browns and won the game, former Steelers QB Charlie Batch said that at half time Tomlin went into the locker room with the team and drew up a Defensive scheme to use in the second half on a clip board. He said "What were are doing is not working" Tomlin was watching what was happening on the field the first half, saw what he had to change, and gave it to the team. They out played the Browns, even though the Browns have a more talented Roster.

                                                                                    • StainnlessPlays
                                                                                      StainnlessPlays  4 days back

                                                                                      NE doesn’t get WR because they know they get way overpaid and they’ve been able to make it with subpar or average wr so far

                                                                                      • Bud Light
                                                                                        Bud Light  4 days back

                                                                                        Patriots win, it's all bc of Tom brady, they lose, it's every1 elses fault

                                                                                        • Tobias Obermayr
                                                                                          Tobias Obermayr  4 days back


                                                                                          • Nick Etten
                                                                                            Nick Etten  4 days back

                                                                                            Knowing the Packers very well, John Dorsey is kind of chaotic. He’s an amazing talent evaluator and is a leader who isn’t afraid to pull the plug and make a change. He will be great in Cleveland but if you’re looking for him to organize and provide stability I don’t think it will work. Dorsey with Kitchens under him seems like a train wreck waiting to happen.

                                                                                            • scott kalinowski
                                                                                              scott kalinowski  4 days back

                                                                                              must of forgot about Tomlin little trip on the field, all in all i agree though