Everything Wrong With Avengers: Endgame In Time Travel Minutes Or Less


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  • scotty mills
    scotty mills  11 minutes back

    Hydra is a secret society so Captain America would have more clearance then director pierce and wouldn't have to tell peirce that he's a hydra agent so it's possible

    • scotty mills
      scotty mills  15 minutes back

      Dude, why cant you just enjoy the movie!

      • Jack Ripper
        Jack Ripper  27 minutes back

        The whole thing with Tony and grabbing the stones is because the gauntlet it was on was a gauntlet he created, so when he grabbed onto Thanos they moved from the bigger gauntlet to his suit’s gauntlet.

        • LasTCursE69
          LasTCursE69  31 minutes back

          Sin number №1 is this movie's very existence..

          Should've ended with Infinity War and not get this captain Marvel bullshit involved at all..

          • aokiji99
            aokiji99  36 minutes back

            Infinity War was so much better than this

            • Adam Melot
              Adam Melot  37 minutes back

              When you sin everything spoken in the movie, you become less amusing and just irritating. *unsubscribing*

              • Summer Tyme
                Summer Tyme  24 minutes back

                Adam Melot Good move. 😎

            • mixalhs delta
              mixalhs delta  38 minutes back

              Worst film ever made

              • alex g3a3
                alex g3a3  39 minutes back


                • alex g3a3
                  alex g3a3  39 minutes back

                  This "movie" is straight trash

                  • Exiled Obliteration
                    Exiled Obliteration  52 minutes back

                    This guy should become a newscaster, It would be incredible!

                    • Summer Tyme
                      Summer Tyme  45 minutes back

                      Exiled Obliteration Faux news.

                  • Sadago
                    Sadago  1 hours back

                    How dare you. Hanson is an incredible band, and mmmBop is their worst song by far. 10 sins to cinemasins

                    • dorkish
                      dorkish  2 hours back

                      20:43 thats racist

                      (they always say racist instead of sexist)

                      • Ebola Kun
                        Ebola Kun  2 hours back

                        A major issue I had with the battle between Cap, Tony & Thor vs Thanos, was that all of them- including duel wielding Thor going 3 v 1- lose. But Cap, with shield and hammer going 1v1, gets the upper hand.
                        Cap with hammer is better than Thor dual wielding and Iron man teaming up with him.
                        This movie was a narrative train wreck

                        • Summer Tyme
                          Summer Tyme  51 minutes back

                          Ebola Kun : Booo... No matter what happens someone whines about the power level and fight outcome. Cap starts fighting without Mjolnir. He surprised Thanos once he wields it. That’s how he gains the upper hand. Then he loses it. Thanos cuts the shield - then destroys it and then defeats Cap. That battle is as logical as any real fight ever is in terms of shifting momentum.

                          *Go back to nobody can shoot John Wick part IIII* if you want to complain about lack of action film logic. 🙄

                      • Dee Rush
                        Dee Rush  2 hours back

                        Oh dear. This movie was such a disappointment. Oh well.

                        • Darth Sidious
                          Darth Sidious  37 minutes back

                          It was straight garbage, only MCUtards like this shit

                        • Summer Tyme
                          Summer Tyme  50 minutes back

                          Dee Rush You wish. Most satisfying movie of all time, according to fans. Haters are disregarded. 😂

                      • Mike Rohrssen
                        Mike Rohrssen  2 hours back

                        I wish you guys gave credit to the Marvel logo for cutting out the people who were snapped away, thought that was a nice touch in the beginning

                        • Summer Tyme
                          Summer Tyme  49 minutes back

                          Mike Rohrssen : This film is filled with more subtle clever touches than all 8 episodes of Star Wars and all 3 Episodes of LOTR combined.

                      • Dee Cipher
                        Dee Cipher  3 hours back

                        Everything wrong with Endgame:
                        Loki isn't in it.

                        • Dee Cipher
                          Dee Cipher  1 minutes back

                          @Summer Tyme Sorry. I meant present Loki isn't in it. :p

                        • Summer Tyme
                          Summer Tyme  22 minutes back

                          Dee Cipher He is. *ding*

                      • S3EJAY
                        S3EJAY  3 hours back

                        Didnt take off one sin for the “And I Am Iron Man” Line which made the whole movie

                        • Niall Hughes
                          Niall Hughes  3 hours back

                          Uhh. Dude, everyone loves Scott. Everyone.

                          • Ronit B
                            Ronit B  4 hours back

                            15:53 *The other timelines can go f*ck themselves! They hate you because they ain't you!* 😂

                            • Summer Tyme
                              Summer Tyme  4 hours back

                              Ronit B : Dumb humor meant to disguise the fact that he doesn’t know what’s going on.

                          • Darth Sidious
                            Darth Sidious  4 hours back

                            Fanservice Garbage: The Movie

                            • Darth Sidious
                              Darth Sidious  17 minutes back

                              @Summer Tyme You need to watch good movies
                              dude lol, that's embarrassing

                            • Summer Tyme
                              Summer Tyme  36 minutes back

                              All the money in the world can’t save Sith Loser Sidious, and all your sourpuss hate does not change the fact that this film has an A+ rating amongst *film lovers* and 95% rating amongst critics... a combination *unmatched by any Star Wars film, ever.* Sux to be sith doesn’t it. Maybe it’s time for you to move on? 😂

                            • Darth Sidious
                              Darth Sidious  40 minutes back

                              @Summer Tyme All the money of the world don't make this fanservice garbage a good movie, sorry. And who gives af sbout the cinemascore from stupid 10yo MCU stans or the paid critics reviews lmao. You need to watch good movies

                            • Summer Tyme
                              Summer Tyme  47 minutes back

                              Lol. Endgame is the biggest film of all time - A+ CinemaScore plus 95% film critic reviews. The force left Darth Sidious long ago. Keep failing...Sith *LOSER* 😂

                            • Darth Sidious
                              Darth Sidious  49 minutes back

                              @Summer Tyme Endgame is straight trash fam, all MCU movies are trash. Keep crying idc

                          • Ryan Santourian
                            Ryan Santourian  5 hours back

                            Should have been under 100 sins. Adding 5 after the “Avengers Assemble”??? Bro come on

                            • Nathan Wagacha
                              Nathan Wagacha  5 hours back

                              Cinemasins: *Doesn't take a sin off for Black Widow's death
                              Doesn't take a sin off for Iron Man's death
                              Adds 5 sins at the "Avengers Assemble" scene
                              Me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LYhfmu826o

                              • Andrei Brănescu
                                Andrei Brănescu  6 hours back

                                13:17 Actually, that reality is screwed already.
                                When captain america brings the hammer back, you get another branch reality.
                                They're totally wrong on the trip back. Once there's a single minuscule change in a timeline, it splits from the original one.

                                • Summer Tyme
                                  Summer Tyme  30 minutes back

                                  New future is an alternate timeline.
                                  That can’t change the maintain timeline’s *past.* That’s the point.
                                  However you can travel from the present of the alternate timeline to the present of the main timeline. [THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT THE AVENGERS DO]

                                  Likewise you can travel from the present of the main timeline to the present of the alternate timeline. [THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT CAP DOES AT THE END OF FILM]

                                  You create an alternate timeline by traveling *to the PAST* of any timeline.

                                  In theory Banner could take the time stone from the Ancient One -> the *present* [2012] of the alternate timeline.
                                  Travel back to the present of the main timeline [2023].
                                  Then turn right around and travel *back* to the present of the alternate timeline [2012].

                                  2012 is not *the past of the alternate timeline*

                                  It is the present of the alternate timeline. This is the part you are *absolutely failing to understand.*

                                • Summer Tyme
                                  Summer Tyme  35 minutes back

                                  Just try to be quiet for 2 seconds and listen:

                                  Professor Hulk: *Think about it: If you travel to the past, that past becomes your future. And your former present becomes the past. Which can't now be changed by your new future.*

                                • Summer Tyme
                                  Summer Tyme  39 minutes back

                                  “It's *not* a butterfly effect.” - Joe Russo.

                                • Summer Tyme
                                  Summer Tyme  41 minutes back

                                  “You cannot go back to your own timeline”
                                  ⬆️ Andrei is so confused that he does not understand that this is exactly what Banner does. He takes the timestone from an alternate timeline back to his own timeline. 😂 You guys will never understand this film. It’s just a few IQ points too hard for you I’m afraid.

                              • RawYn1K
                                RawYn1K  6 hours back

                                Nitpicking at its finest
                                I still agree with some points though (LOL)

                                • RiderEtrigan
                                  RiderEtrigan  6 hours back

                                  Is it just me or someone else also asked the question about Michelle's age difference in the quantum realm when they saw the movie for the first time.

                                  • Summer Tyme
                                    Summer Tyme  6 hours back

                                    No there are others who also don't pay attenton and can't think

                                    The point about quantum realm is not that it makes years seemed like hours. The point is that it contains time vortexes. This is what professor Hulk and The Avengers turn into a time machine.... Where you can go forward and backwards in time at will.

                                    We know that Janet Van dyne is aware of them and also learned how to avoid them, Because she warned Scott.

                                • Thentox
                                  Thentox  7 hours back

                                  Yes...ear canal or nostril...sure...

                                  • UltraLeevi
                                    UltraLeevi  8 hours back

                                    as im concerned that's america ass

                                    ant man 2019

                                    • Doodlegem Emera
                                      Doodlegem Emera  9 hours back

                                      Hey! CinemaSins! You forgot to take off that sin at 19:00 while still using the sound effect for removing a sin! And because it was an epic scene I sin your sinner editing skills!! Still love your channel though 😁

                                      • Jesse Coleman
                                        Jesse Coleman  9 hours back

                                        The new gauntlet was made from the same Nanites that Tony's suit is made of, so Tony was able to manipulate the gauntlet to give himself the stones when he grabbed the gauntlet

                                        • Sebastian Zhakata
                                          Sebastian Zhakata  9 hours back

                                          at last

                                          • Summer Tyme
                                            Summer Tyme  12 hours back

                                            Another example of CinemaSins sinning films just because they are too dumb to understand the film, is when Tony says the ship is stopped dead in space. One knucklehead concluded that Tony could make it to earth by continuing to ‘drift’ using inertia. So a whole bunch of knuckleheads repeat...verbatim.

                                            But Starships travel faster than light by warping space, not by momentum or inertial velocity. Tony specifically states they are a 1000 light years from help.

                                            When you don’t have fuel you can’t jump, you’re stuck in space. Tony is correct. It’s like a rocket can’t go to the moon if it does not have enough fuel to reach orbital velocity, at which point whatever velocity it can reach short of this is irrelevant as the end result is the same, you’re *stuck on earth.*

                                            Natch when you point out their sin - You get the angry pathetic excuses of the poorly educated -> How are we supposed to know 6th grade science!? 😂

                                            • Phoenix Rising
                                              Phoenix Rising  12 hours back

                                              9:57 pretty sure cinema sins may be a potential urophile. Gross.

                                              • Rashad Almomani
                                                Rashad Almomani  12 hours back

                                                Instead of snapping, couldn’t Tony have just used the reality Stone and turned Thanos’s army into bubbles?

                                                • Tubs Dubs
                                                  Tubs Dubs  12 hours back

                                                  Still haven't seen the movie and even with this full recap I know nothing and none of this spoils the movie for me. I am just super fucking confused now

                                                  • Abysmal Gaming
                                                    Abysmal Gaming  13 hours back

                                                    Endgame was an okay movie, infinity war was much better.

                                                    • Summer Tyme
                                                      Summer Tyme  13 hours back

                                                      Both are brilliant but EndGame is better. In terms of of CinemaSins trifling and often incorrect gripes, they found fewer “sins” in Endgame than Infinity War - while making *more mistakes.* So.....

                                                  • Skyrim Central
                                                    Skyrim Central  14 hours back

                                                    I love how you find the dumbest shit to count as a sin. Some of the sins make sense but some you make just flat out makes you look like a jackass

                                                  • Napier Nygma
                                                    Napier Nygma  14 hours back

                                                    5 min and everything is like ohh look how they are breathing air add 10 sins.. ohh look how he is moving with his legs 80 sins this is just hilarious

                                                    • kent perea
                                                      kent perea  14 hours back

                                                      Avengers get all of the stones from the past

                                                      But still, tanos collected the stone and half the population

                                                      • Summer Tyme
                                                        Summer Tyme  12 hours back

                                                        kent perea You are too lazy to even spell Thanos. *sin* Therefore explaining multiverse time travel to you would certainly be a fruitless endeavor.

                                                    • MrOhitsujiza
                                                      MrOhitsujiza  15 hours back

                                                      Like Thanos NEVER made any sense at all, youd have to make it sustainable(with some kind of wishing power maybe?) since according to himself life will just reproduce again and use up it all any way... Its a contrived stopgap measure at best.

                                                      • MrOhitsujiza
                                                        MrOhitsujiza  3 hours back

                                                        ​@Summer Tyme One culling won't make it sustainable, if he didn't make another 3rd snap that made life stop "expanding" (since i think they specify he just killed halv with the snap?).
                                                        You would need to repeat it every time the "critical life mass" is about to be reached.
                                                        The whole "half of everyone randomly cuz it's fair" is also extremely stupid, is it fair to kill off half of a nearly extinct species? like just killing halv would destroy most natural environments. It's... just stupid.
                                                        In the comics killing half of everything cuz you don't care about anything except your true love lady death it's like insane but it makes sense for the goal.

                                                      • Summer Tyme
                                                        Summer Tyme  12 hours back

                                                        MrOhitsujiza : You’re assuming it wasn’t sustainable. But you don’t know that. *ding*

                                                    • Kiki Sparkle
                                                      Kiki Sparkle  15 hours back

                                                      Hey.!.... don’t be coming at New Jersey like that. We have you pym particles if it wasn’t for us the avengers would be screwed 😂

                                                      • Phamous Hip Hop
                                                        Phamous Hip Hop  15 hours back

                                                        104 Sins is extremely low for this movie lol.

                                                        • Steel Here
                                                          Steel Here  16 hours back

                                                          The Steve Rogers group therapy scene was not necessary. We don't care about random people. We only care about The Avengers and the supervillains they are fighting.

                                                          • Summer Tyme
                                                            Summer Tyme  12 hours back

                                                            Steel Here The only reason we care about the Avengers is because they care about ‘us’. This is exactly why the 4 Avengers films are 4 of the ten biggest films of all time. *ding*

                                                        • LytBLu The Puffy Yoshi
                                                          LytBLu The Puffy Yoshi  16 hours back

                                                          *_You forgot the scene where Ant Man was still giant in the backshot of Black Panther, when in that moment he was supposed to be in the van hotwiring the time machine_*

                                                          • Komrad Shark
                                                            Komrad Shark  16 hours back

                                                            I was waiting for this.

                                                            • Mark Henry Abello
                                                              Mark Henry Abello  16 hours back

                                                              11:37 Exactly the point I was asking!

                                                              • Summer Tyme
                                                                Summer Tyme  12 hours back

                                                                As for the point ‘asked’ - > The whole point of the scene where Thanos says he destroyed the stones, is that Bruce the Physicist who understands that the the stones command the Universe calls him *liar.* That’s when Thanos explains that he atomized them. Made them non usable. *It’s ok I guess* , that you and Jeremy didn’t get it, or still don’t. But it’s not ok to *sin* the film every time you don’t understand something. *ding*

                                                              • Summer Tyme
                                                                Summer Tyme  12 hours back

                                                                Points are made, not ‘asked’. *ding*
                                                                Asking a point is symptomatic of laziness. *ding*

                                                            • HockeyBoss123456789 10 11 12

                                                              This was the only way...

                                                              • Umar’sCookingKariWithMarcus

                                                                Nah the Squidward joke was funny because it was the beginning and they were still strong. The build a bear joke doesn’t work because they’re all supposed to be angry and sad and devastated

                                                                • Summer Tyme
                                                                  Summer Tyme  12 hours back

                                                                  Umar’sCookingKariWithMarcus Stark as *snark.* The joke does work, as does Rocket’s reply, and gets laughs as BirdMan pointed out. *ding*

                                                              • Grimbeard
                                                                Grimbeard  16 hours back

                                                                23:01 Extra sin for turning Captain America into Joe Biden.