Staying In The Hospital


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  • Avocado Couple I Crazy Comics

    Have you ever been to hospital?

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      Zemfira Kocharyan  1 hours back

      Avocado Couple I Crazy c__ cv

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      Shreya BANIK  2 hours back

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      Shreya BANIK  2 hours back

      @Gianfranco Campos 🙄

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      Юля Котельникова  2 hours back

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      @Vanderlei Dorigon 🙆🙆

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      Miss Kristina  2 hours back

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        Armnzz Kun  5 hours back

        Why is this in my recomendations?....

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        unknow  5 hours back

        Have you ever been to hospital.🚑

        • Ирина Калугина


          • Jessica Castle
            Jessica Castle  6 hours back

            Now it's over isn't it

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              Randi Biggs  11 hours back

              I thought he was pooping lmao

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                Lena Dojenia  12 hours back

                7:26 Boo

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                  Stephanie Kessinger  16 hours back

                  Do do do to to. Is all they make

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                    zoila83 Q  16 hours back

                    Killer serial killer

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                      IVAN ENCARNACION CAMPOS  17 hours back

                      Me gusta ver avocado y cumplea

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                            Filippine Jensen  21 hours back

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                              Shadow gaming  1 days back

                              9:28 WTF IS THAT THIS MOUSE IN THE FRIDGE IS...

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                                      que memada

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                                        OMG we have the same name AvA 😂

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                                              Ava🥑+cado🥑 = 🥑❤🥑

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                                                            I love these videos

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                                                                what is this

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                                                                  Los amoooooooo

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                                                                    Maxx Love You

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                                                                  • Дархан Жунисов

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                                                                      Aim LARA🤓🤓😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😇😇😺👋

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                                                                        Love 💓

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                                                                          I like vampire she's so cute when she talks.

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                                                                              Smokey Quartz 3XE  3 days back

                                                                              I went to a hospital :
                                                                              Hold my baby brother,
                                                                              See my auntie baby,
                                                                              Get 1 shot from a doctor while my little brother gets 3,
                                                                              I have two brothers by the way