Forget the Tug of War! All Electric Trucks Have This Achilles Heel Including the Tesla Cybertruck!


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  • SquishBangBlow
    SquishBangBlow  2 weeks back

    *The Ike Gauntlet and off-road segments were great!*

    • Robert B
      Robert B  3 days back

      Great information video, one point for all to consider, back when the ICE was first being made if they had a comment section people would have been sticking to their horses. Fuel, range, power, infrastructure were all issues for what was called the horseless carriage. What year did they begin building the start of our national highway system? Do you need to add oil when you fill up? Would also expect people looked upon early adopters of this loud, smelly, smokey beast with scorn and dislike for some reason. "1 HP for me" for a horses behind sign. Last point, currently ICE vehicles use engine heat to provide cabin heat if selected using the coolant in an exchange system, I am going to guess EV designers and engineers didn't forget that. The energy he was pumping into the electric motors was generating more than enough heat and likely is cooled by other than air, so an exchange system is likely. It would probably be the AC that like with my ICE car that pulls energy out of the system, enough that I feel the difference. Take the Tesla to Texas in July or August and tow some stuff please. Both types of vehicles create heat to run, so heat is easier to get, creating cold requires running a compressor currently or thermal electric circuits with their inherent problems. I'd bet even unladen the Tesla mileage goes down running the AC for the entire drive like with most ICE vehicles but not the heater.

    • Ryantube007
      Ryantube007  3 days back

      MrTommy001 Yes well ICE gas stations have had about 100 years of development. Where I live, northern Ontario, there are several locations I can charge, including my work. I commute about 100kms to work one way and there are several on route gas stations that also offer charging stations. It’s not that bad, and it’s getting better.

    • MrTommy001
      MrTommy001  3 days back

      Jack, the big deal is, you can gas (or diesel) up anywhere. Charging up? Not so much.

    • Ryantube007
      Ryantube007  5 days back

      robotec007 Apparently one company has already reached 1000wh/kg while also being more eco friendly. Innolith, a Swiss company. Obviously there are many other factors to consider, but this is a break through.

    • Ryantube007
      Ryantube007  5 days back

      robotec007 fine, drive an f150 then.

  • Greg Kral
    Greg Kral  4 hours back

    Wonder how they would perform at minus 25-40 C. I have trouble thinking they would do anything useful in Canada or Russia.

    • Paul Sullivan
      Paul Sullivan  6 hours back

      Get ready for the next disruption. Tesla is well aware of the lack of battery energy density for towing. Tesla will bring its battery, motor and software technology to the trailer market in the form of a "skateboard" platform. The trailers manufacturers will benefit from safety and performance features found on Tesla vehicles; traction control, regenerative braking, slip start, air suspension, etc. The trailer will communicate with the vehicle through manufactures apps drawing on decades of towing knowledge. We're about to enter into a new era of smart trailers.

      • Absurdicuss
        Absurdicuss  7 hours back

        You lost me already less than one minute into the video. All trucks face less mpg undertow. case dismissed.. most trucks lose up to 50% mpg undertow. More charging stations will solve this in the future.

        • Joseph Pham
          Joseph Pham  9 hours back

          Pointless video when is the last time a gasoline truck manufacturer put out specs on towing mpgs?.... Never lol better luck next time 🤣😅😅😂

          • Osama al afghanee
            Osama al afghanee  9 hours back

            I think it still outperforms other electric cars.

            • James Miller
              James Miller  13 hours back

              suvs these days are ment for middle aged people in big citys that hate driving and find it a chore not a thing of joy

              • Chang Noi
                Chang Noi  14 hours back

                Who is going to tow a horse trailer with a sedan?

                • Dick B.
                  Dick B.  18 hours back

                  The question is, these EV’s are close to $100k USD. Who is going to take these things off road or pulling a trailer. 3 out of 100 maybe. This is a non-issue to the majority of EV buyers.

                  • John Stoner For Life
                    John Stoner For Life  19 hours back

                    Euroopean roads has slower speed limits 🤣🤣🤣. Germany has roads with NO SPEED LIMITS you can drive 500mph if you have balls and street legal vehicle..

                    and 120kmh is common thing 85mph is 128khm. so American roads isn't that much faster few mph..

                    and roads in the US is in terrible condition, so how often you can even drive that max speed?🤣🤣🤣

                    • Mc Bain
                      Mc Bain  20 hours back

                      Ridiculously low car with road tyres nothing surprising here ? Batteries just aint good enough yet , and like you say plugging into a tree is not going to do a lot .

                      • trachris carrick
                        trachris carrick  22 hours back

                        This is ridiculous. Most SUV drivers drive to the mall and back. I bet a lot of pickup drivers too. Heavy hauling and off roading is a niche, not the mainstream.

                        • Michael Scott
                          Michael Scott  22 hours back

                          Charge it with a gas generator. 🤣😂😂 swap out battery packs at convenience stores just like propane tanks.

                          • ryan
                            ryan  23 hours back

                            Forget all these electric cars. I have a cure . EMP

                            • John Doe
                              John Doe  24 hours back

                              1:10 "offroading" goes through 1/2" of water on gravel lol.

                              • Freeman Gentlefuck
                                Freeman Gentlefuck  1 days back

                                Yup, 200 kWh weights almost 2 metric tones.

                                • Shri
                                  Shri  1 days back

                                  I didn't knew Tesal model X is a truck or an offroad vehicle and still it nailed every task bravo Tesla.

                                  • VoltecRules
                                    VoltecRules  1 days back

                                    Why would you start with 67% battery for this test. So dumb. You pretend gas trucks don’t go from 17 mpg to 6 mpg pulling the same trailers.

                                    • Rob P
                                      Rob P  1 days back

                                      Does anyone post trailer or off road fuel economy? The answer is no as there are too many variables from weight to gradient. Regardless of fuel type it's expected that higher loads equal higher consumption. Who hauls a horse trailer with a sedan anyway how about comparing truck (liquid fuel) to truck (electric) both designed to carry heavier loads.

                                      • lochinvar00465
                                        lochinvar00465  1 days back

                                        At highway speed my truck has a range of about 600 miles.Unladen of course.

                                        • Poorold plowboy
                                          Poorold plowboy  1 days back

                                          You have valid points for a minority of truck drivers, but face up to the fact that most people who own trucks never put them in the woods and I even know truck owners who will not even put anything in the bed for fear of scratching it. A huge percentage of truck owners own a truck as a status symbol. ie the King Ranch edition Ford, what use is that to a working person who is going to rough up the vehicle on their job? A small percentage of people spend all their time out in the wild with no recharge available and as for long haul, this is going to change with better batteries and more charging stations. And when gas prices shoot back up (as they will) everyone who ran out to buy a big V8 is gonna see a hole in their pocket. The Saudis and other OPEC countries are meeting to cut production to raise prices as I write this.

                                          • Jay Luccioni
                                            Jay Luccioni  1 days back

                                            why not make the outer shell solar panels

                                            • Timothy Hogan
                                              Timothy Hogan  1 days back

                                              Trailer should somehow recharge the main vehicle by harnessing kinetic energy from the trailer axle and be able to deliver that captured energy back into the power unit.

                                              • OffGrid Wanabe
                                                OffGrid Wanabe  1 days back

                                                So basically you took a subcompact car and tried to evaluate it as a truck Come On Man be realistic.

                                                • Wookiemonsterfreak
                                                  Wookiemonsterfreak  1 days back

                                                  ETrailer! Hmmm . . . If it dies, then that is a heavy dead weight. Will the trailer regen if towed?

                                                  • Jeff Sam
                                                    Jeff Sam  1 days back

                                                    This is a CAR, not a 4x4 jeep, your comments on off road experience was way off base. This car did just fine on that super rough, rocky and uneven road, that even most pickup trucks would have issues with. The Test should have been with off road tires, not Continental Super smooth rolling road tires meant for hard smooth pavement. I am in agreement with Towing capability and , there is no way anyone would drive one hour and then charge for one hour.

                                                    • Brandon Bissett
                                                      Brandon Bissett  2 days back

                                                      This video just told me to buy a rebel cus that truck looked aggressive af

                                                      • Greg Vinson
                                                        Greg Vinson  2 days back

                                                        So proceeding from the premise that all electric pickups have this problem including Tesla's, you set out to prove that the truck has the problem of limited range while towing a heavy load, by testing the towing performance of one of

                                                        That makes as much sense as taste testing cream of wheat by eating a bowl of oatmeal.

                                                        • Tim Rosencrans
                                                          Tim Rosencrans  2 days back

                                                          Refuel a real truck 10 min... Tesla 2 hours.

                                                          • mavallarino
                                                            mavallarino  2 days back

                                                            Load a diesel generator on the trailer

                                                            • Ehren Krause
                                                              Ehren Krause  2 days back

                                                              😆😆😆😂😂😂 city boys going off road. Stick to the highway fellas.

                                                              • SHMedia
                                                                SHMedia  2 days back

                                                                Over here max trailer speed is ~50mph (80km/h) Try that.

                                                                • skmetal7
                                                                  skmetal7  2 days back

                                                                  I wonder if Tesla had something heavy in the back of the cybertruck for that tug-o-war. The suspension looks like its lower than normal.

                                                                  • ra jacinto
                                                                    ra jacinto  2 days back

                                                                    This is why we are not using electric rockets.

                                                                    • Gavin Nunns
                                                                      Gavin Nunns  2 days back

                                                                      It's pretty obvious we are still several years away from functional long range electric vehicles that can meet the need of a modern or even older truck.

                                                                      Even the forecast capabilities of the cyber truck don't offer close to what I have now with my 6.7 F250 Diesel Truck.

                                                                      • Kevin Bashnick
                                                                        Kevin Bashnick  2 days back

                                                                        Great job on how this electric shit which what it is plus they aren’t towing nothing in the trailer. Junk nothing but tax sublimented junk

                                                                        • Veracious Patriot
                                                                          Veracious Patriot  2 days back

                                                                          Perform these tests at 0-32° and really feel your jaw drop with how much faster energy is depleted...

                                                                          • Alex Zander
                                                                            Alex Zander  2 days back

                                                                            Ok here’s the real solution that probably will be the solution for trucks in the future and it’s what they already do with electric fork lifts. The truck bed could be designed to open up giving you access to swap out half of your battery’s for fully charged ones. Then the 2nd half could slide back for those to be swapped out as well. I use to do this on forklifts and it only takes about 5 minutes. If this process was reinvented I think it could be done in about 3 minutes. Im positive this is what they will do for Semi’s and pick up trucks. Yes, it will be very expensive to build this infrastructure being described.

                                                                            • kickinbackinOC
                                                                              kickinbackinOC  2 days back

                                                                              I think the Model X would be great for that grueling trail between my house and the local 7-11. Sometimes there's a nasty puddle there...slight dip in the asphalt, ya know...

                                                                              • rasbeans51
                                                                                rasbeans51  2 days back

                                                                                It boils down to mathematics the EVs do not have enough kilowatt hours of energy for long distance towing as of now. If in the future they can triple current Kwh then gas trucks will need to watch out👀.

                                                                                • mathieu
                                                                                  mathieu  2 days back

                                                                                  Pretty amazing that in the space of just a few years, we've come from people doing videos like this on just driving range with electric cars; and now we're doing towing range with horse trailers.

                                                                                  • facemellter
                                                                                    facemellter  2 days back

                                                                                    Over half of the u.s. electricity still comes from burning fossil fuels. So in a way you are still burning fossil fuel when you drive an ev. Like it or not internal combustion is still the most efficient. Especially when you consider that we have technology to make it 85% renewable with ethanol and bio diesel.

                                                                                    • Mike N
                                                                                      Mike N  2 days back

                                                                                      If you are off-road, then speed is lower, so less air resistance, so range is ok. If you tow a load, then you need batteries in the trailer as range is halved.

                                                                                      • Brian Mark Wagner
                                                                                        Brian Mark Wagner  2 days back

                                                                                        The infrastructure is the hardest thing. And what's the cost to install them. And the government is gonna want to tax it yet to keep the roads repaired, like they tax each gallon of fossil fuels.

                                                                                        • Brian Mark Wagner
                                                                                          Brian Mark Wagner  2 days back

                                                                                          I would NEVER off road that car.

                                                                                          • Jesús Gómez
                                                                                            Jesús Gómez  2 days back

                                                                                            Of course, the solution is no more proprietary recharge station, but an standard agnostic recharge station network.

                                                                                            • Bill Platypus
                                                                                              Bill Platypus  2 days back

                                                                                              In my opinion Cybertruck is a masterpiece of bold innovation and design that only Tesla
                                                                                              is brave enough to attempt. I think is looks much better than run of the mill pickups.
                                                                                              One of the main reasons that the Cybertruck can be produced at a lower cost
                                                                                              relates to how the body is produced. The stainless-steel body can be formed by
                                                                                              simply folding the sheet metal without the necessity for expensive stamping
                                                                                              machines. Also, the absence of paint results in significant cost savings. A
                                                                                              paint shop cost 200 million dollars in initial capital expenditure and has
                                                                                              additional ongoing expenses. The painting and drying of is time consuming and
                                                                                              is often a bottle neck in production.  Cybertruck
                                                                                              eliminates this cost and bottle neck. The exoskeleton design was necessary to
                                                                                              decrease the weight of the Cyber truck so that it is not heavier than the
                                                                                              conventional pickup truck despite its heavy batteries. Other electric pickup
                                                                                              makers will have a hard time competing with this design in terms of
                                                                                              specifications and cost. The bizarre appearance of the Cybertruck is a
                                                                                              necessity to keep costs low for these specifications. The price and
                                                                                              specifications of this vehicle are so compelling that it is a viable
                                                                                              alternative to a conventional car. I would normally never buy a pickup truck,
                                                                                              but I will be getting the Cybertruck as my daily driver. It costs the same as
                                                                                              my Tesla Model 3 and has so much more capability and room. Should be great in
                                                                                              heavy snow and won’t rust from the salt used on streets in the winter in the
                                                                                              Chicago area where I live. Won’t need to worry that one bird shit will stain
                                                                                              the car forever.  The only downside when
                                                                                              compared to a car is its large size which might cause issues with parking in
                                                                                              some areas. The pickup truck will use more electricity per mile driven then the
                                                                                              car but the additional cost difference is not as significant as with internal
                                                                                              combustion pickup trucks. Once the general public understands this, there might
                                                                                              be a whole new segment of population that will opt for the cyber truck instead
                                                                                              of a car. Power outage in the house? Run an extension cord to Cybertruck and
                                                                                              get by with powering essentials like phones, broadband modems, and rechargeable
                                                                                              led lighting. You could even cook with an instant pot or induction cooker. Also,
                                                                                              Elon confirmed on twitter the car may have a solar option for the bed cover
                                                                                              that can add some range when the car is parked in the sun. I don’t care that
                                                                                              other people may not like how this looks. If they want something that looks
                                                                                              like a regular pickup they will pay more and get less. Not a choice that I
                                                                                              would make. I would like to see this low-cost polygon body concept scaled down
                                                                                              to a mid-sized SUV with three rows of seats with the last two rows foldable and
                                                                                              removable. This would be a better alternative to a family car than a pickup
                                                                                              truck. Scaling this down to an urban hatch back the size of a Honda Fit should
                                                                                              allow an EV with a range of 200 miles for low $20Ks in couple of years.

                                                                                              • Larry Jaques
                                                                                                Larry Jaques  2 days back

                                                                                                Pop this in the trunk. No worries!